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CMP Slurry
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CMP Slurry

CMP Slurry

Detailed Introduction

GPX is a polishing slurry for CMP(Chemical Mechanical Planarization). GPX achieves excellent polishing performance, is          

applicable to finer patterns and suitable for the fabrication of semiconductor devices.

This unique slurry series is also available for various applications except semiconductor devices.

Series Line-up & Features

The GPX slurry series is capable of meeting various polishing requirements as Si, SiO2 and etc., Metals as Cu, Ta, Al and etc. Applicable to polymer, Al2O3 and etc. (More information, please click series name).

       Polishing Application
Features of each series
SiO2/glassCeO2 slurry for semiconductor STI process, polishing SiO2 and glass. High removal rate for SiO2.
CuSlurry for polishing semiconductor Cu line, achieving high removal rate of Cu.
Ta/TaN/TiSlurry for polishing semiconductor Cu barrier metals. Alternative of Selective/Non-selective polishing.
AlSlurry for polishing aluminum.
SiSlurry for polishing Si, p-Si. Selective polishing for Si and p-Si.
SiSlurry for polishing Si and back side of TSV substrate. Non-selective polishing for Si/SiO2/Cu
othersSlurry for polishing other metals and materials. Applicable to epoxy polymer, aluminum(sapphire) polishing.

HS-8005 Series (Polishing Slurry for SiO2, Glass)

CMP Process

Advanced semiconductor devices with high performance are required to have multi-level layers and fine patterns to obtain high speed transmission.

HS-8005 series containing abrasive particles of CeO2 are available for planarization of STI and ILD.

GP additives work to improve the performance of planarity and others.


High removal rate for SiO2

Free from scratches by using tuned CeO2 particles.

High removal rate at low slurry content (CeO2:1%).

High planarization and selectivity between SiO2 and Si3N4.

Elimination of conventional etch back process

Removal Rate

Product seriesRemoval rate* (nm/min)

HS-C, T, A Series (Polishing Slurry for Cu, Ta, Al Metals)

CMP Process

Low dishing and erosion. 

Removal selectivity of Cu, TaN, and oxide is tunable.

Features of Each Series

Product seriesFeatures / Applications
HS-C, HS-HFor Cu polishing. Removal rate from 1000-5000nm/min
HS-TFor Cu barrier metal and SiO2 polishing. Alternative of high selective/non-selective polishing slurry.
HS-AFor aluminum polishing.

Removal Rate of Each Series

Product seriesRemoval rate* (nm/min)
HS-CHigh removal rate5,0006010
HS-THigh selective408055
Non selective40909040

HS-P, S Series (Polishing Slurry for Si )

Features of Each Series

Product seriesFeatures / Applications
HS-PFor Si and p-Si polishing. Two component type mixing with P100 series and P200 series. High selective polishing of SiO2/Si/p-Si.
HS-SFor TSV back side polishing. Two component type mixing with S100 series and S200 series. Non-selective polishing of Si/SiO2/Cu.

Removal Rate of Each Series

Product seriesRemoval rate* (nm/min)
HS-P100/P200Si/SiO2, High selective300-600700-1,5000.1-15200
HS-S100/S200Si/SiO2/Cu, Non selective4001,2004001,000
SiO2/Cu, Non selective50100700600

HS-J Series (Polishing Slurry for Other Metals and Materials)


Applicable for polishing of Epoxy polymer, aluminum layer and etc.

Applicable for polishing of Cu, permalloy and etc.

Removal Rate

Product seriesRemoval rate* (nm/min)
       (epoxy, etc.)

*The removal rate is typical value and adjustable by polishing condition and slurry mixture ratio.

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